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DMP Cryosystems, Inc., originally known as Durable Metal Products, was founded in 1994 as a manufacturer of cryogenic tempering equipment after the three principle partners discovered that no other manufacturer produced equipment that met their high level of standards and needs. Since then DMP CryoSystems continues to lead the industry in product innovation and service.
DMP CryoSystems is known for offering new and innovative ways to improve thermal cycling. We customize all of our products to meet our client needs and demands. We continually strive to be on the cutting edge of technology in order to offer efficient thermal cycling. The CryoFurnace™ is the first and

only cryo-processor available with a temperature range of 1200°F to -300°F. All CryoFurnaces offer load sensors and atmosphere control as standard equipment. The CryoTemper™ (550°F to -300°) is one of the most efficient and versatile cryogenic tempering processors on the market. The CryoFreezer™ (Ambient to -300°F) is designed to compete with the freezer market head on, while still offering temperature uniformity using the proven construction materials of the CryoTemper™ and CryoFurnace™. The use of electric heating elements and liquid nitrogen as a cooling source permits fully controlled “Ramp/Soak Thermal Cycling.” Fully repeatable process puts YOU in control. No matter what the size or style you choose, you can be assured that each unit will meet the most demanding temperature uniformity specifications.

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Our Products

Our Products
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The CryoFurnace™

+1200F to -300F 



The CryoFurnace™ is used for a variety of heat-treating applications such as atmospheric tempering, stress relieving, and deep cryogenic tempering.

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The CryoTemper™

+550F to -300F

The CryoTemper™  has always been intended for use in rigorous environments delivering efficient trouble-free operation. 

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The CryoFreezer™

Ambient to -300F



The CryoFreezer ™ is designed to compete with the freezer market head on, while still offering temperature uniformity. 




We've got all the accessories and service options to make sure you're products are always running in great condition. 

Industries Using Cryogenics
All motorsports enthusiasts will see a marked improvement in performance after treatment. DMP CryoSystems has been the leader in the design and manufacturing of cryogenic thermal processing equipment for over 25 years. During that time, we have supplied equipment to NASA, Bell Helicopter, Cessna, Caterpillar, SKF Aeroengine, Winberg Crank-shafts, Mondello, PowerSlot, Dana and many more. This experience and knowledge of wear components coupled with state-of-the-art equipment makes DMP CryoSystems the only choice for cryogenic thermal processing of your parts. Whether you're a flat track racer or 4-wheeler we can help you achieve the edge in performance and lower your maintenance costs.
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