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The CryoFreezer


The CryoFreezer ™ is designed to compete with the freezer market head on, while still offering temperature uniformity using the proven construction materials of the CryoTemper™ and CryoFurnace™.  The CryoFreezer™ ranges from ambient to -300°F Standard controller settings make sure the temperature profile is followed within a specified process deviation limit, assuring the process value matches the recipe Set Point. Positive recirculation fans ensure temperature uniformity everywhere in the chamber. The use of liquid nitrogen as a cooling source keeps maintenance costs low and reduces the need for rust inhibitors and cleaning.

Standard Features


  • Digital indicating programmable controller

  • Variable circulation drive control

  • Operation condition lights and alarm

  • Pre-wired for computer communication



  • 12 GA reinforced carbon steel exterior shell

  • 12 GA 304 stainless steel interior chamber

  • Back welded flange construction

  • 15 Lb. / square inch loading

  • Anti-air entrainment exhaust system

  • 6-inch multi-layer insulation rated to    -350°F 



  • IEC finger safe wiring to industrial color and marking standards

  • Circuit breakers

  • Independent low temperature limit control

  • Emergency shut off LN2 solenoid

  • LN2 inlet strainer


Door Options

Guillotine Door                            

  • Tower light

  • Custom deck height

  • Manual Loader guide rails

  • I-Beam hearths

  • Pneumatic door movement

  • Horizontal door sealing action for longer seal life

Swing Door                                 

  • Heavy duty door hinges and locks

  • Tower light

  • I-Beam hearth rails

  • Custom deck height

  • Manual loader guide rails

Chest Door                                   

  • Pedestal mounted electrical enclosure

  • Tower light

  • Pneumatically assisted door

Additional Options

  • Level II Control Package: Yokogawa PLC with 8" color HMI Touchscreen, Ethernet Comm package, Onboard DATA Recorder, Remote login for upgrades and troubleshooting, Audible "End of Cycle" Alarm and Auto Door open

  • Special Color – DMP Tan and Black are the standard option for paint, however we can customize to a customer’s needs. 

  • Modified Split Airflow: A 2nd Air Plenum in ceiling with heaters and adjustable air louvers.

  • Roller Rails with Chain Guides & Moving Bridge: Designed to match existing load cars. 

  • Atmosphere and Purge Valves: Special purpose requirements.

  • Load Sensor: Integrated secondary temperature control loop. This feature, when used during a soak, guarantees that the core temperature (not just the surface) sees the minimum time at temperature specified by the customer.  The load sensor can also be used during ramps to protect parts with extreme thickness variations or critical geometry.  

  • O2 Monitor: Digital Oxygen monitoring system with Two-Alarm Relays for 19.5% and 18.0%, Remote Sensor capability of up to 10 feet, and Transmits 4-20mA signal to SCADA and PLC’s

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