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Industries Using Cryogenics

All motorsports enthusiasts will see a marked improvement in performance after treatment. DMP CryoSystems has been the leader in the design and manufacturing of cryogenic thermal processing equipment for over 25 years. During that time, we have supplied equipment to NASA, Bell Helicopter, Cessna, Caterpillar, SKF Aeroengine, Winberg Crank-shafts, Mondello, PowerSlot, Dana and many more. This experience and knowledge of wear components coupled with state-of-the-art equipment makes DMP CryoSystems the only choice for cryogenic thermal processing of your parts. Whether you're a flat track racer or 4-wheeler we can help you achieve the edge in performance and lower your maintenance costs. Our process has been utilized by rock crawlers, hill climbers, flat track racers, drag racers, tractor pullers, motorcycle racers and NASCAR teams. Whether for fun or competitive racing, both off-road and track from Drags to Grand Prix; we can help.



DMP CryoSystems' trademarked Nanofusion Cryogenic treatment has numerous practical benefits of the Nanofusion process see an increase in part life, less wear on expensive racing parts and improved performance. Some of the most popular racing applications include:


Brake Rotors

After treatment, the microstructure of the metal in the rotor is more uniform and consistent, so they dissipate heat better and warp less. As a result, treated rotors have an increase in pad to rotor contact, show less wear, and resist cracking to virtually eliminate late race brake fade caused by rotor run out. Not only is performance enhanced and life extended, but safety is improved. A LAPD rotor wear test showed an improvement of 150%.



We offer the option to treat complete engines or their critical components such as

pistons and valve springs. Treated engines are more thermally stable and run cooler allowing them to retain their performance horsepower longer. Blocks that are treated prior to final honing benefit from "micro-smoothing, resulting in reduced friction producing more horsepower and higher torque at a constant RPM.

Rear Ends

Treating your ring and pinion gears reduces wear and relieves stresses that result in cracking. This reduces the risk of chipped teeth and overall failure. Durability and performance are greatly improved.



Every internal and external part of your transmission will see improvement! Gear failure and wear will be reduced. Many drivers report smoother shifting and better clutch performance.



Treated bearings will roll smoother, resist wear and generally last longer. Axle and wheel bearings are recommended.


Valve Springs

Treated springs dissipate heat faster, increasing life and performance even with wild cams.

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